Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What a wonderful Gift!!!

UPDATE*** This note was on my Yahoo Group from this
wonderful man that plans these amazing trips for
american kids to learn about giving & other cultures
they travel to this city where Harper is at often.

Hi Sindy,
A big congrats on Harper! She's really adorable.
I just showed Henry, the student holding Harper, your blog as well as the
rest of the two classes. A number of kids do remember holding or playing
with her - I'll see if they can write a note to you.

Harper is being held by a young man on the left side
her hair is cute & messy and she's like the fourth
person in the back row on the left. What a treasure
and i'm thankful that an online mom pointed her out
to me. She's so beautiful and we cant wait to bring
her home!!!!

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  1. Awesome photo...is she wearing an orange shirt? So, is this something special? I ask because of all the young America's there.