Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new pic of Harper!!

As i sit here and type today i think about how
lucky i was yesterday to get a clean bill of
health from the dermotoligist. Another sign
that we are suppose to adopt Harper. It was
this time last year that we were looking at
files and not knowing what was to lie ahead
for us. In october 2010, we got a referral
for a beautiful little girl that we were to
name Ava. I often think about her if she's
come home and if she's happy. I have to say
in all the waits and ups and downs over the
last 7-years in the adoption arena, it was
the hardest decision giving up her referral
and finding out that i had skin cancer. As
I got the news yesterday that i didn't have
to come back for another year. It was one
of the happiest moments of 2011, that meant
we could get our Harper Grace!!!!



  1. Congratulations! Both on your referral and your good news from the doctor!

    She looks sweet and I bet your daughters are excited for a new sister.

    Nancy (from RQ)

  2. She is sooooo beautiful. I found you as I was researching Zhejiang. Turns out.... We are both mommies to girls from Hunan and Zhejiang (our 16 month old is there waiting for us and our 2.5 yr old is home since 11-09 from Hengyang Hunan!! We are both from Arizona! Both Stay at Home moms! We need to meet up girl! I live in Gilbert, how about you? Are you part of FCC? PM me

  3. Hey! Just got a chance to check out your blog! Harper is beeeeautiful! Was "Ava" my girl we have chatted on CHAT about? :)If so, rest easy, she has a home!